Becoming a Member

Jesus invited people to be his friends and join in his mission as disciples.  Whether you have little or no experience in the Christian faith, or have been following Christ for a long time, we invite you to join Wayside Presbyterian Church, where the ministers are all the members, and we encourage one another in the walk of faith.


Four Steps to Becoming a Member

  • Speak to the pastor, or check the “Wish to Join the Congregation” box in the registers of fellowship in the pews during worship on Sunday mornings.
  • Meet with the pastor to learn more about Wayside.  (Orientation classes about this church and the Presbyterian denomination are held periodically and can be attended before or after you join.)
  • Meet with the Session (the governing board) of Wayside to affirm your faith in Jesus Christ and your desire to follow him within this community of faith. As you become acquainted with Session members, they will help you connect with people and activities so that you might find your place in the church.
  • Be present on New Member Sunday, when you will be welcomed into membership. Baptism will be administered at this time for those not baptized previously.


What is Expected of Members

  • That your heart and mind are open to the leadership of Jesus Christ.
  • That you are open to the light, wisdom, and inspiration of the Bible.
  • That you will support Wayside Presbyterian Church with your prayers, your presence, your gifts, and your offerings.