Christian Education (CE) to Spiritual Nurture and Education (SN&E)
After a study by the CE committees and a vote of the session “Christian Education” is now called “Spiritual Nurture and Education.” This is to better reflect our understanding of  nurturing the faith journey of all and supporting parents who are raising their children in our community. Of course, the basic approach is Christian, but in a broad way that informs our members of all religious traditions. Our intent is to raise up open-hearted and open-minded followers of Jesus Christ.
We are in effect catching up with congregations around the country who have changed their language as well. Pastors and educators have been reading books on Spiritual Formation to help better approach      Christian Education as a personal journey rather than information that a young learner must memorize. Our hope, as fellow travelers, is to help parent and child, teen and adult better understand what we do at     Wayside to support them in their spiritual growth. It will take some practice but in time we will all find SN & E roll off our tongues.