Generosity Team

Wayside takes a holistic approach to stewardship.  We agree with the definition that stewardship is everything we do with our lives once we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  That would certainly include the use of our financial resources and we give specific focus to that aspect as we approach Consecration Sunday in early November each year.  But Christian stewardship also means the proper use of our time and talents as well.  Recognizing that all of us are different, we try to present a variety of opportunities for individuals, families and groups to apply their gifts, abilities and efforts.  Some of those opportunities are right here within the church building, but others are out in the community. 


This Book of Thanks focuses on scripture that speaks of generosity and thankfulness and the personal stories of people who wish to express their thankfulness.  We hope you find it as inspiring and uplifting as we did.  Click here: Book of Thanks 2016  for your copy.


What is Worship + 2?  It is a concept adopted by the Session in 2011, following an inspiring message by a speaker from Minnesota brought here at Rev. Keith Sundberg's suggestion for our Officers' Retreat.  The program has been carried out since then by many Waysiders.  The focus is two-fold and we invite you and your family to join others as a Worship + 2 participant.

1.  We encourage you to make Sunday morning worship a priority.  The Bible says "Where two or three are gathered together, there I will be also." (Matthew 18:20)  We'd like to make that  "Where 200 or 300 are gathered...."

2.  We encourage you to participate in at least two (2) additional spiritual opportunities, whether they involve service and/or study.  The Wayside website, the monthly newsletter, Worship + 2 Sunday bulletin inserts, Sunday morning announcements, and word of mouth all offer many opportunities for you to be involved in the life of Wayside's ministry and fellowship.
3.  Wayside is a positive, caring, active church and you may already be following the tenets of Worship + 2.  We believe that a new growth in spirituality and community building will result if we active people also stretch ourselves to seek new avenues of service and study.  Who knows where God will lead us?